CCRA features optimal facilities for both short- and long-term military and high-altitude aircraft testing programs. Military bases throughout the region fly in Chinooks, Black Hawks, Apaches, and other aircraft throughout the year, and CCRA regularly serves as an operational base for high-altitude testing conducted by Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Bell Helicopter, AgustaWestland, and others.

CCRA is proud to support the efforts of the Colorado Army National Guard (ARNG)’s High-altitude ARNG Aviation Training Site (HAATS) pilots who use our facility throughout the year for training intended to prepare pilots for the challenges of flying in high-density altitude conditions combined with mountainous terrain.


In addition to a break on fuel for military use, we also waive call-out fees for military customers (an $85/hour savings).


  • You can trust our experienced Line Techs who know how to fuel all varieties of helicopters.
  • Our state-of-the-art, high-capacity Jet-A fuel truck fuels at 300 gallons per minute so you won’t waste time on the ground.
  • Four free courtesy cars are available for your staff to drive to town to get a bite to eat or a place to stay.
  • Full kitchen just off the main hangar for meal preparation and gathering.

CONTACT US to inquire about scheduling high-altitude testing.